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New York launches snowmobiling promotion

Empire State Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo travelled to the Tug Hill region in New York’s North Country area to launch “I [Snowmobile] NY,” the first part of a print, television, radio and digital, nationwide, $4.5 million winter tourism campaign aimed at promoting snowmobiling, skiing and other recreational activities in Upstate New York.

“This season, we welcome visitors from around the world to experience winter in Upstate New York,” Governor Cuomo said. “The North Country region is unmatched in its natural beauty and now offers new recreational trails for snowmobiling and a wide variety of other activities for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to explore. As one of the biggest and growing employers in the state, the tourism industry continues to play a significant role in boosting our economy. With our new ad campaign, we want more New Yorkers and tourists to come visit regions like Tug Hill to see what winter adventures await in the Empire State.”

The print and digital “I [Snowmobile] NY” ads began running after Jan. 1 in national newspapers and trade magazines.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo kicked off New York’s “I [Snowmobile] NY” tourism campaign in the Tug Hill region of the state’s North Country area.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo kicked off New York’s “I [Snowmobile] NY” tourism campaign in the Tug Hill region of the state’s North Country area.
The state previously released a report showing that the number of visitors to New York increased by 8.8 million, or 4.2 percent,  in 2013. In addition, the industry is projected to generate $7.7 billion in state and local taxes with direct spending expected to reach $61.3 billion, up 7 percent from 2012 and double the national average. The industry is also projected to add 24,800 jobs by the end of the year, a 3.1 percent increase from 2012, also double the national average. In total, leisure and hospitality is projected to finish the year with 818,700 jobs, making tourism the third fastest growing job sector in New York.

There are 10,300 miles of snowmobile trails throughout New York — that’s more than Vermont, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and more than Massachusetts and Michigan combined. Since 2011, the state has spent more than $11 million for trail maintenance and development, an investment that has helped generate $868 million in economic revenue. Approximately 90,000 New York households ride snowmobiles.

The “I [Snowmobile] NY” ad campaign continues Governor Cuomo’s ongoing commitment to promoting tourism and supporting economic development in the North Country in order to generate revenue and create jobs.

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