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New Club Car UTV features Subaru EFI engine

News release

Club Car is launching a new line of Carryall utility and transport vehicles to help commercial and industrial customers switch from costly pickup trucks to gas, diesel or zero-emissions electric utility vehicles (UTVS). The new vehicles will be available in January 2014.

“We designed and engineered the new Carryall utility vehicle line based on customer feedback obtained through a global listening tour. As a result, they incorporate the improved power, versatility, reliability and fuel efficiency today’s customers demand,” says Ross Lyons, Carryall product manager.

The vehicles will retain the rustproof aluminum frame, rack-and-pinion steering and independent front suspension system that has made the Carryall a market leader.

In addition to work utility vehicles, the Carryall line includes Transporter transport vehicles, which can carry up to six passengers, as well as street-legal Carryall LSVs (low speed vehicles).

Partnering for Power

To bridge the gap between trucks and UTVs, Club Car partnered with Subaru, whose engineers adapted automotive technology to design a sophisticated new engine for the Carryall utility vehicles.

The 14-hp-rated, 404-cc, single-cylinder overhead cam engine features electronic fuel injection (EFI), capacitive discharge ignition (CDI), hemispherical heads and a case-hardened steel timing chain that enhances reliability. A splash lubrication system that eliminates the need for oil filters simplifies maintenance and reduces environmental waste.

Subaru and Club Car are so confident in this new design that the engine warranty has been increased from two years/2,000 hours to three years/3,000 hours limited warranty standard on all new Carryall and Transporter models.

Better Fuel Efficiency? Check.

The new engines boost horsepower by 30 percent and fuel efficiency by as much as 50 percent over previous Carryall utility vehicle engines.

Since there is no choke or carburetor, the engines start right up, even in frigid weather. The new engines also run cooler, last longer and automatically compensate for altitude.


“No other vehicle in its class offers an EFI engine with this matrix of features and benefits,” says Lyons.

Efficient, Reliable Charging

Most new electric Carryall utility vehicles will feature an industry exclusive combination of an on-board, high-frequency charger with an integrated cord retractor as standard equipment. The solid-state, global charger is 92-95 percent efficient, a 10 percent increase over the old charger.

To reduce the chances of stranded crews due to vehicles not being charged, it issues an audible alert when charging begins and keeps charging even during power swings.

The charger can be programmed for multiple algorithms, including lead acid or gel/AGM batteries. “So if you change batteries, you won’t have to buy new chargers,” says Lyons.

And the plug — conveniently located on the front of the car — can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet, or 240-volt outlet in the case of international customers.

A Fit-to-task Bed Box Boosts Productivity

The aluminum bed box in the new vehicles was designed specifically for versatility and durability. Its rustproof aluminum side panels accommodate a configurable and removable track-based attachment system for carrying shovels, rakes, leaf blowers and other equipment.

Movable bed dividers and cargo tie-downs stabilize loads and prevent shifting. The system also accommodates optional ladder racks, bucket holders and other accessories.

Further, the rustproof aluminum bed floor comes standard with Rhino® Lining, a durable material used in the beds of many pickup trucks.

“This innovative bed box design makes the Carryall the most versatile UTV on the market,” says Lyons.

Automotive Design, Comfort and Ergonomics

The new Carryall utility vehicles also sport brawnier, more automotive profiles and interiors than other UTVs.

They feature bigger cowls and long-lasting standard halogen head lights that are integrated into the design. Or, users can select optional LED lights that last 40-50 times longer, produce better light and use less energy.

Cockpit-style interiors with contoured seating, restyled hip restraints and spacious driver areas and foot wells make the vehicles easy to enter and exit, a real problem with many competitor models.

An improved key switch helps deter unauthorized use, and the shifter and gauges are on the dash, within easy reach of the ergonomic steering wheel.

An Improved Cab and Other Accessories

The vehicles also accommodate a range of commercial options and accessories designed specifically for the Carryall utility vehicle line.

The optional cab, for example, is integrated into the vehicle’s design, so it doesn’t look “bolted on.” Its doors and windshield sit flush with the frame, keeping wind and rain out.

“The new Carryall utility vehicles raise the bar for utility and transport vehicles and offer our commercial, industrial and government customers a viable option over trucks and vans,” says Lyons.

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