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CST, Maxxis tires growing with UTV segment

Maxxis launches new Coronado, Snow Beast

CST Tires for side-by-sides continue to trend upward, with the brand recently adding Nate Hamilton, a marketing specialist, to its staff. And while parent company Maxxis International remains the premium performance brand, CST is finding its own niche.

“The CST pricing is good, the performance is very good and it comes with a really good value in light of the economy,” said Scott Perkins, marketing specialist for the specialty division at Maxxis International USA, CST’s parent company.

CST tires have traditionally been solid performers in the sport and utility ATV ranks. The Clincher and the Ancla on the UTV side continue to be the brand’s top offerings. The Clincher is an aggressive, radial-constructed tire, optimal for hard pack and intermediate terrains. The Ancla features an aggressive, sweeping tread design to provide traction on a variety of terrain.

“The side-by-side market is all about durability and sizing,” Perkins said. “The market is definitely growing, and it’s growing significantly. We’ve put a lot of focus over the past three years on the side-by-side market.”

Like Maxxis tires, CST products are available to dealers via distribution from MTA, Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky, in addition to Parts Canada and Motovan to Canadian dealers.

New Maxxis tires

The new Snow Beast from Maxxis is pre-drilled for studs for use in icy conditions. (Photo by Jason Hooper)
The new Snow Beast from Maxxis is pre-drilled for studs for use in icy conditions. (Photo by Jason Hooper)

Maxxis debuted two new side-by-side tires earlier this year, the Coronado and the Snow Beast. The Coronado is for riding in desert terrain, with a compound structured for high speeds and high temperatures. It features an 8-ply rated radial to absorb shocks from rocks and sand whoops. The aggressive tread pattern offers increased sidewall protection.

The snow-specific Snow Beast has a new tread pattern specifically designed for winter riding. Wide spacing between large-surface-area lugs means the Snow Beast can clear itself of wet snow on each rotation, and it has a large enough contact patch to keep the UTV locked in on ice. Lugs are pre-drilled for studs in icy conditions.

“Our distributors have been pretty excited about it,” Perkins said. “It tested so well, and it makes a lot of sense for our dealers in the snow climates.”


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