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Ski-Doo adds new engine for 2014 snowmobile lineup

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BRP introduces the 2014 Ski-Doo snowmobile lineup, bringing innovations to the sport and expanding market-leading technologies to more models.

The new Ski-Doo line-up will appeal to consumers with features to improve their experience and bolster BRP’s leadership role in the snowmobile industry once again.

“BRP expands the ACE family of Rotax engines and shares innovative technologies across product lines and models, which sums up the 2014 Ski-Doo snowmobile line-up,” stated Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager for the North America division. “We’ve talked about improving the customer experience for a couple of years, now we’re living it as Ski-Doo customers experience great performance and reliability with these advanced technologies.”

“The addition of another ACE engine is an example of BRP’s commitment to providing more fuel-efficient and cleaner technologies for snowmobilers around the world,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager for the International division. “Plus, the expansion of acclaimed technologies like the iTC technology, tMotion suspension for mountain riders, rMotion for trail riders and REV-XS and REV-XM platforms across more models will accelerate the momentum created last year.”

NEW Rotax ACE 900 Engine

Leading the way at this year’s annual dealer meeting in Dallas is the new ACE 900 engine. This inline three-cylinder four-stroke uses Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) design to deliver outstanding fuel economy, lightweight performance and low-cost operation.

The new ACE 900 engine is so efficient, it delivers 50% more power and up to 77% more torque than the ACE 600 model. BRP rates the engine at up to 23.3 mpg (10 L/100 km) in its ECO driving mode. Models equipped with the ACE 900 engine also meet the stringent U.S. National Park Service Best Available Technology (BAT) requirements with no modifications.

New intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology

Sleds with the Rotax ACE 900 engine feature the newest breakthrough innovation for Ski-Doo snowmobiles, the intelligent Throttle Control technology, or iTC. Consumers will benefit from easy throttle pull, and three on-the-fly rider-selectable driving modes: ECO for optimal fuel economy, Standard for normal acceleration and good fuel economy, and Sport for snappy response and rapid acceleration. Plus, there is a new Learning Key to limit performance for novice riders or in commercial applications.

REV-XS and REV-XM chassis delivered to more models

The striking style, improved wind protection, added storage, easier serviceability and more aggressive ergonomics of the REV-XS platform moves to several new models for 2014, including the MX Z X-RS, MX Z TNT, Renegade Adrenaline, Renegade Backcountry, GSX LE and Expedition sport sleds.


Hailed as a breakthrough in design for mountain sleds, the REV-XM platform and its mountain-specific features make their way to the 2014 Freeride sled and more Summit SP models. Also included are the revised Pilot DS 2 ski and ski spindle combination for straight-tracking sidehilling.

tMotion rear suspension/FlexEdge track technology expanded: The freshest thinking in the mountain sled category makes powder riding easier on the Freeride 154, Freeride 146, Summit SP and Summit Sport models. tMotion suspension enables the rear suspension to flex laterally inside the tunnel, and the outer two inches (5 cm) of the FlexEdge track bend; together, they make carving and sidehilling extremely easy and predictable.

LinQ accessories line grows: There is no simpler, faster, or more secure way to attach accessories on a sled tunnel than with the BRP-exclusive LinQ system. A saddlebag system joins the fuel caddy and storage bags in the LinQ line.

To see all of BRP’s 2014 Ski-Doo sleds, suspension and engine technologies, new accessories and special spring programs, visit

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