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“The 2009 event was a great benefit to my dealership in two specific areas: 1) Re-affirmation that 20 group management procedures are the only profitable way to run a powersports business; 2) Educating and convincing myself that the profitable future in marketing has to have a huge majority of time and budget involving the Internet, including Web site and e-commerce. I will definitely return for 2010.”

— Jim Roth, owner, Cycle Works

“I found the entire event to be a real eye-opener for me. I was stuck in this rut. All of the seminars sort of snapped me back to now! What I mean is here I am going along and doing the same old thing, day after day. Yes, I was trying to stay current. Yes, our business was doing as well as could be expected with this miserable economy. Yes, everyone there at the event liked our Web site. BUT the pointers I got from these sessions made me realize that it was time to act, not react, but act.”

— Candace Laidig, owner, Holeshot KTM

“As a vendor in attendance, I very much liked the fact that the seminars were very relevant to the current business climate and how the business solutions that were offered at the conference tied in. Thanks again to everyone at Affinity for hosting a very valuable event for the industry.”

— Marche Karger, 50 Below, powersports program manager

“I was very proud to see so many industry experts, vendors and dealers come together as a united force looking for new ways to be successful in today’s economy. The sessions were all very well orchestrated with valuable content on training sales staff, effective marketing practices, e-commerce and expert panels. I also enjoyed the intimacy of the event — by the end of the show, vendors and dealers were speaking one-on-one, making it a great networking opportunity.”

— Paige Bouma, Cycle Trader Sales Development Manager

“The 2009 Powersports Business Conference and Expo was a great success for ARI! We had the opportunity to have terrific discussions with a large number of dealers who attended for a very similar reason – to learn best practices in how to thrive in difficult economic conditions. The conference was organized enough to have both great breakout learning sessions as well as significant time to visit exhibitors and actually learn what products and services were available to help the dealers.”

— Tim Mauck, director of product and marketing, ARI Network Services, Inc.

“We exhibited at ProfitX last year. What was unique about ProfitX was we were able to see dealers face-to-face that we normally would not be able to see during the normal course of the year, especially following the critical summer months. So ProfitX was invaluable to PowerSports Network to connect with existing customers of ours and to offer our services to new dealers. I can easily say that ProfitX was probably our most successful show in that regard in the past couple of years.”


— Craig Cervenka, PowerSports Network

“The conference was excellent. I was impressed with both the attendees and exhibitors. In addition to meeting with many of the exhibitors, I was able to connect with managers and executives from KTM, Harley, Honda and Suzuki. It was a great networking venue for Polk.”

— John Sinski, Business Development Manager, R. L. Polk & Co.

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the PSB Conference and Expo last year. I came back with a tablet full of notes, a handful of handouts and most importantly, a reminder that regardless of my experience, there’s no substitute for what someone will learn from their exposure to the enterprising consciousness at this type of event. We are all confronted with limitations of our time away from our job or business. That is why I think any attendee would appreciate the professional, succinct and topical subjects of each seminar. You put together a fantastic event last year and I look forward to seeing you this year.”

— Tom Buttleman, dealer development manager, American Suzuki Motor Corp.

“The 2009 Powersports Business Conference and Expo was much more than I expected. Unlike the Indianapolis Dealer Expo or all the Parts Unlimited’s Showcase shows, the Powersports Business Conference and Expo wasn’t about selling me anything. It was about educating me on how to sell everything. The seminars were amazing, the round-tables were very enlightening and the experience of all of those involved raised the bar for everyone that attended. We were able to implement changes we learned at the show immediately upon returning and paid for the cost to attend in just two weeks. I don’t see how anyone serious about making money can miss the 2nd annual show coming up on October 15.”

— Mike Jackson, business development manager, World of Powersports Inc.

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