Four signs your social strategy is successful

Colleen Malloy BlogYour social media presence helps you spread the word about your business and reach more potential customers, but how can you tell if all of those Facebook posts and Tweets are doing any good? Creating a social media strategy is good, but measuring your results allows you to gauge your social media results and refine your plan for the maximum impact.

Read on to learn the top four signs that your social strategy is succeeding:

  1. You’re getting more website traffic from social referrals. This is an easy one to track if you use a reporting tool like Google Analytics. Every time someone goes to your website, Google Analytics notes where they came from. It automatically tracks the number of users who click to your website from social media, and paying attention to this number helps you monitor your social success.

You can tell that your social media campaigns are working if your traffic from social channels has increased since you implemented your social strategy. Google Analytics lets you control the date range for the data you’re looking at, so you can track your traffic week-to-week or month-to-month. As you switch up your social media campaigns, your web referrals from social media is a great indicator of what’s working and what isn’t.

  1. Your social engagement has increased. One of the main goals of social media is to get your audience interacting with your posts and content, but social engagement extends to more than people “liking” your posts. In addition to likes, tools like Facebook Insights track how many people are sharing, clicking on and commenting on your content.

This is all great interaction data to monitor. If more people are clicking on your posts, that indicates that your content is engaging and people are interested in what you’re posting. Stats like post reach can also gauge your success. If your followers are interacting with your content, Facebook’s algorithm will expose your posts to more people, so an increasing post reach shows you your social strategy is working.

  1. You’re receiving more reviews. If more people are visiting your Facebook and Google+ profiles, more people will likely leave reviews on those platforms. Encouraging in-store customers to visit your online channels and write reviews, especially if they’ve had a particularly good experience in your store, can strengthen your social strategy even further.

Remember: It’s important to monitor your online reviews and respond to them. If an unhappy customer leaves a negative review, respond politely and try to find a way you can resolve their problem or improve their experience. If a customer leaves a glowing review, take a moment to thank them for their kind words. This relationship building can go a long way!

  1. More customers are contacting you. If your social media strategy is working, you should see a boost in the number of inbound messages and contacts you receive from on your social channels. Whether it’s a message on Facebook, a mention in a Tweet or someone filling out a contact form on your website, getting more traffic on social should translate to more customers following through on your calls to action which should ultimately lead to more in-store and online sales — the true end goal for all of the hard work you’re investing in your social channels!

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  1. Great Article! Social Media is helping us big time.

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