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Host Facebook contests to increase your reach

Laura Reinders Blog 1-13Like many small business owners on Facebook, you may have noticed a recent dip in the reach of your posts. You are not alone in this declining trend. Back in December, Facebook announced that with increased content sharing, competition for each News Feed story is growing. On average, Facebook can show about 1,500 stories on an individual’s News Feed on a given day. As a result, many small businesses are reaching fewer News Feeds through organic posts than in the past.

You can try to regain some of that reach through Facebook paid advertising. You can also focus on posting high quality content that reaches more News Feeds. One idea worth consideration is a weekly contest. Not only are you serving engaging content that has a chance at reaching more News Feeds, loyal fans also make a point to visit your page on contest day.

The suggestions below will help you plan and execute a successful weekly contest. —

  • Select a theme — Determine a contest theme that will provide you with endless content and then choose the day you will host the contest. For example, host a trivia contest on Tuesdays and brand it “Sussex Powersports Tuesday Trivia.”
  • Get the word out — Promote your contest on your website and in your dealership e-newsletter.
  • Make it easy Post a trivia question that is relatively easy to answer. Simple answers encourage more participation.
  • Catch their attention — Upload a fun image to support your trivia question.
  • Schedule multiple posts Schedule your trivia question to post multiple times during the day to reach more of your audience. Note: If you use Facebook’s scheduler, you will increase the chances of your post reaching News Feeds than if you use other posting tools.
  • Increase reach — Encourage participants to share your contest post for an additional chance to win. Sharing increases your post’s reach and increases your page likes.
  • Entice participants with a prize — Offer a simple prize such as an in-store coupon, dealership swag or possibly autographed merchandise if your dealership is involved with racing.
  • Gain more interaction by posting your winners — Notify your winner by replying to their contest post. Also add a congratulatory post to your page. You are sure to receive likes and comments from the winner’s friends.
  • Be consistent! If you commit to weekly trivia, post every week. Don’t disappoint fans who make it a point to visit your page on trivia day.

Lastly, be sure to follow Facebook’s guidelines for hosting contests. These guidelines have loosened up over the last year making hosting contests without third party involvement much easier.

Laura Reinders is the marketing manager for PowerSports Network and Traffic Log Pro.



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