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Report: Trump blasts Harley-Davidson again with tweet

U.S. President Donald Trump knocked Harley-Davidson again, this time taking to Twitter to share news “that his administration is talking with other motorcycle companies about moving to the U.S.”, according to a CNBC.com report.

Read the CNBC story here.

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  1. Trump has the Harley thing well thought out. Honda left Ohio five years ago and Polaris/ Indian will be moving production soon as long as the tariffs continue. I can’t see Yamaha or Suzuki coming here and Kawasaki certainly won’t expand. He must be talking to a big player in the U. S. market.

  2. How exactly is that knocking Harley? He is pushing the motorcycle industry to catch up with the car industry. Also let’s be honest, this was just a prime opportunity for Harley to divulge their plans to move some manufacturing over to Europe. They have been talking globalization of the brand for a while now. Certainly takes the heat off of them for doing it. None of which they deserve. My question would be why didn’t they do it earlier?

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