NADAguides launches ProValue product

NADAguides is excited to announce the launch of its all-new powersports product, NADAguides ProValue. This first-of-its-kind product features trade-in and retail valuation, auction values and up-to-date market data at dealer’s fingertips, via desktop or in the form of iOS and Android app.


NADAguides ProValue uses three distinct sets of pricing and market information, which together allow dealers to make the most informed decisions for trade-in appraisals and retail pricing strategies. The data featured in ProValue includes:

  • NADAguides trusted valuation data for trade-in values and used retail pricing
  • Up-to-date NPA auction pricing
  • Market Data, which shows the average dealer asking price for a specific model, the price a model has recently sold for, and the average days in inventory. This information is localized for a dealer’s particular market.

NADAguides ProValue is a nice complement to the popular NADAguides Powersports CONNECT product, which together make NADAguides the one-stop-shop for powersports dealers. Product demonstrations for both NADAguides ProValue and NADAguides Powersports CONNECT will take place in the NADAguides booth (BOOTH #955) at the AIMExpo Orlando, Florida October 13 – 16, 2016.

NADAguides ProValue app is available for download now:

Lenny Sims, chief business development officer, said: “The NADAguides ProValue tool offers a unique set of data to really help powersports dealers make the most informed decision when taking trade-ins and determining that trade-in’s retail value. Never before has our trusted valuation data, auction data and real-time local market data been available in one easy-to-use place.”

Kartlik Kakarala, CyclePro Solutions CEO and president, said: “There was a serious gap in technology for dealers trying to make smart appraisal decisions. We filled that gap with all of the data you need; NADAguides vehicle valuation; real time, up-to-date auction values; and on-demand, local Market Data. Everything is now literally at the dealer’s fingertips.”

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