MTA Distributing named exclusive distributor of Five Advanced Gloves

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MTA Distributing showcases house brand of Five Advanced Gloves Street/Urban STUNT EVO.

MTA Distributing is now an exclusive distributor of Five Advanced Gloves. Five Advanced Gloves aims to develop and produce the most advanced gloves using cutting-edge technology and drawing on their wealth of racing experience. Five Gloves knows that the hand is the most complex part of the human body and is also the hardest to protect.

Five Advanced Gloves produced the STUNT EVO, evolution of the species; the STUNT is considered as the original of its kind. The STUNT EVO features a new design and brand new knuckle-protection shells, along with new carbon-fiber palm protection. The characterization of the leather palm and the secure snug fit, comfort and control add to its topside fabric structure. The STUNT EVO comes with a pull-tab for easy-on/off ability and perfectly suited for regular city driving.

The STUNT EVO was designed in two premium color sets of black and red with availability in sizes small through triple extra large. The MSRP on the STUNT EVO is $79.99.

Dealer Inquiries should contact MTA Distributing to become a Five Glove retailer.

stunt_evo__black_face STORY

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