MAP policy added by aftermarket company

News Release

In an effort to maintain channel integrity and prevent devaluing of the Dowco brand, Dowco is pleased to announce the implementation of a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. This MAP policy becomes effective April 2, 2015 and applies to all distributors, dealers and retailers of Dowco products. Any retailer advertising products at lower than suggested retail prices will be subject to disciplinary action.


“Implementing a MAP policy has been in the works for some time now at Dowco, and the time is right to move forward with implementation. It’s important to Dowco to protect our product line, preserve our reputation, and to ensure there is a level playing field for our selling partners throughout the channel, many of these partners have been our supporters for over 25 years and their continued support and success is important to us,” said Dowco Powersports brand manager Jim Miller.

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