Schuberth reveals $150 helmet trade-up offer for women

Schuberth North America has announced a trade-up program for the C3W women’s helmet. Women riders (and passengers) can trade in an old helmet to their Schuberth dealer receive $150 off a C3W. Based on extensive international research, the C3W has been specially contoured to fit a woman’s facial structure and is made with easy-to-clean materials that are comfortable on sensitive skin. The C3W is also known for being light, quiet and compact with an internal sun visor.

“We have heard some complaints from women riders and passengers that standard helmets don’t fit well and feel too loose. We have also heard stories of women riders wearing hand-me-down helmets that aren’t even the right size. So, we wanted to create a program to encourage women to get out of those helmets and upgrade to the women’s C3W,” said Sarah Schilke, Schuberth marketing and PR manager. “We also hope that this program will encourage women to go into a dealership and be properly fitted in the right helmet for safety as well as comfort.”

The program runs through Dec. 31 and requires the trade-in of an old helmet to the dealer in order to receive the $150 credit off a new C3W. The C3W is sized from XXS-L and is available in Pearl White, Glossy White, Glossy Silver, Glossy Black and Matte Black. The promotion offers a $150 credit off the MSRP of $629.  Customers can register their helmets for the free 3-Year Service Plan and Mobility Program (a helmet replacement program).

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