A.D. Farrow Co. seeks to endow second OSU scholarship

Each year A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson of Columbus, Ohio sponsors an athlete at Ohio State University as a recipient of its permanently endowed scholarship program. This year, the company sponsored champion tennis player, Ille Van Engelen, a Netherlands native who majored in Consumer and Family Financial Service.

A.D. Farrow Co. is proud to have played a role in the advancement of a student athlete each year and is particularly proud to have had the honor of sponsoring Van Engelen. A.D. Farrow Co. owner, Bob Althoff, stated that the company does not pick a particular athletic program in which to sponsor an athlete. The designation of the student athlete that is to receive the yearly A.D. Farrow Co. scholarship is determined entirely by the University.

A.D. Farrow Co., America’s oldest Harley dealer, is currently contributing funds to permanently endow a second scholarship.

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