MaximTrak launches MobileTrak F&I service

MaximTrak Technologies, a systems developer in the retail powersports and automotive F&I industry, has announced the launch of MobileTrak, a mobile F&I menu, reporting and e-contracting platform for the iPad and Android devices.

MobileTrak enables F&I staff to leave their offices to present products and interact with customers. MobileTrak encompasses the entire MaximTrak digital platform: MenuTrak (F&I sales), MaximTrak Dashboards (enterprise reporting) and E-Trak (e-business suite for e-rating, e-contracting, e-signature and e-remittance). Using MobileTrak, products can be moved in and out of packages, terms and rates can be adjusted in real time, down payments can be increased and products can be discounted. MobileTrak also includes a suite of interactive sales tools for each F&I product sold and statistical and other visual information to be reviewed with customers. The MaximTrak Dashboards reporting application also automates the management of the department and provides dealers with real-time sales and performance statistics.

“MobileTrak has taken the interactive nature of sales and menu tools to new level for mobile users in the F&I office,” said Jim Maxim Jr., president of MaximTrak Technologies. “The enhanced connectivity through our F&I Network to product providers places real-time rates and quotes right in front of the consumer. For instance, MobileTrak could get a direct quote from the insurance company or administrator and show it live on the tablet for the consumer to view, purchase and execute a signed contract without having to print forms or go back into a dealer management system. There is no need to be in the office any more to sell F&I products; with MobileTrak you can conduct the entire F&I sales process right on the showroom floor.”

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