JAMA bike exports up double digits in December

JAMA manufacturers reported motorcycle production was up more than 4,500 units, or 8.3 percent, and motorcycle exports were up 8,701 units, or 21.4 percent, for December 2011, according to the latest report from the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Unit production was down 25,118 units for the year, or 3.8 percent, to 628,987 units for calendar year 2011, compared to the same period last year. Bike exports were up 11,521 units, or 2.3 percent, to 504,985 units for the calendar year 2011, compared to 493,464 for the previous year.

Production for all bike classes 51cc and over fell in 2011, with over 250cc bikes dropping 21,974 units, or 5.7 percent; 126-250cc down 4,514 units, or 4.1 percent; and 51-125cc down 16,123, or 20 percent, for the calendar year 2011 compared to the same period of 2010.

However, production of 50cc or under bikes was up 17,423 units, or 19.9 percent for that same period.

Exports for calendar year 2011 in the 50cc and under and over 250cc classes were both up compared to 2010, with 50cc and under bike exports up 71.4 percent, or 19,745 units, and over 250cc bikes up 2.4 percent to 355,793 bikes in 2011.

Exports of 51-125cc bikes fell 6.4 percent to 45,853 and 126-250cc bikes fell 2.2 percent to 83,594.

The exports for North and South America were both up, with exports to North America up 68.7 percent to 179,228 units and the U.S. up 87.2 percent to 164,875 for the calendar year 2011. Central and South America were both up 11.6 percent to 5,968 units and 19.9 percent to 40,194 units, respectively.

Motorcycle exports to the rest of the world were down for the calendar year 2011, with Europe taking the biggest hit, down 68.7 percent to 174,286 units. Africa and Oceania were also down double digits, 17.8 percent and 16.7 percent, respectively. Bike exports to Asia were down 4.7 to 38,358, and exports to the Middle East were down as well 2.9 percent to 3,774 units.

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