News announces AMSOIL sled products has announced its line of AMSOIL snowmobile products for 2012, including the Interceptor Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil and the Quickshot Powersport Gasoline Additive.

“AMSOIL products optimize every operational aspect of a snowmobile. All bases are covered, including synthetic two-and four-cycle engine oils, synthetic chain-case oil, fuel additives, synthetic chassis grease and suspension fluid. All of these products improve performance, reduce wear and increase reliability under extreme conditions,” owner Marc Roden said. “Riders have really started to embrace synthetic lubricants over the past decade. Snowmobiles operate under unique conditions in that they are started in very cold temperatures and generally pushed quite hard, resulting in high operating temperatures. Conventional lubricants can’t even begin to match synthetics in addressing this disparity and AMSOIL has proven to be the performance leader amongst synthetic manufacturers.”

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