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ENGWE unveils moped-style e-bike

ENGWE, a fat tire electric bike company, has revealed its ENGWE M20 2.0 e-bike. Building on the popularity of its predecessor, the M20, the new model integrates a host of significant upgrades tailored to enhance performance, comfort, and safety.

Customers can purchase the upgraded ENGWE M20 2.0 at an early bird price of $1,249, saving $250 off the original price of $1499 from July 1 to July 21. The promotional price of $1299 will be available until August 10.

ENGWE M20 2.0 e-bike
The ENGWE M20 2.0 e-bike blends style, power, and affordability. Photo courtesy of ENGWE

ENGWE shares that the M20 e-bike has a motorcycle-like design and outstanding performance. Media outlets have recommended the ENGWE M20, highlighting its affordability and ability to compete with the best on the market, surpassing the Super73 in battery range.

The M20 2.0 offers a series of thoughtful upgrades under the concept of “Double Is Better Than Single.” This includes double batteries for extended range, double suspension for enhanced comfort, and double headlights for improved safety.

Key Upgrades

  • Enhanced Power System: Upgraded from 48V to 52V, the M20 2.0 delivers greater power and efficiency, ensuring a smoother and more powerful ride.
  • Extended Battery Life: Featuring a larger 1622Wh battery (up from 1248Wh), riders can enjoy longer journeys without the worry of frequent recharging.
  • Improved Safety: The transition from mechanical to hydraulic brakes offers more responsive and reliable stopping power.
  • Superior Suspension Comfort: The enhanced hydraulic rear suspension is designed for longer travel distances and smoother rides, providing ultimate comfort and performance.
  • Optimized Display: A new colorful display ensures better visibility and a more vibrant riding experience, keeping riders informed and in control.

The ENGWE M20 2.0 e-bikes blend style, power, and affordability. These new features and user-focused upgrades align with ENGWE’s mission to enhance short trips.

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