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ISMA announces Snowmobile Day to be held on October 28

International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) has announced Snowmobile Day will be held on October 28, 2023, to celebrate the snowmobiling community and begin preparations for the upcoming season.

ISMA announced that October 28 as Snowmobile Day to bring together clubs and groups and celebrate the snowmobile lifestyle. The association is offering $200 to clubs to put on an event.

ISMA invites snowmobile clubs, local dealers, associations, and snowmobile groups to participate in this year’s Snowmobile Day, which is patterned after the successful “Snöskoters Dag,” held in Sweden for over 45 years.

The celebration in Sweden started in the 1970s and expanded rapidly through the 1980s as snowmobiling in Sweden expanded. The success of the event is traced to creating a fun family party, with involvement from clubs, associations, media, dealers, and other industry stakeholders.

Snowmobile clubs are encouraged to begin the season with a party that might include games, activities and more, such as:

  • A “Show and shine” event featuring vintage and custom snowmobiles,
  • Displaying towing and groomer vehicles
  • Safety training class
  • Maintenance and winter check-ups for snowmobiles and trailers

ISMA says Snowmobile Day should be a “fun, family festival-type event, where BBQ, refreshments, music, and an open house can get snowmobilers excited for the upcoming season.”

Snowmobile Clubs are encouraged to participate in the activities and to help increase membership and recruit volunteers for trail maintenance activities.

Snowmobile associations and clubs can participate by contacting local snowmobile dealerships, Chambers of Commerce, visitor and convention bureaus, and regional media to support and help with a local event. Planning a Snowmobile Day celebration is an ideal opportunity to bring enthusiasts together to kick off the season and enjoy the snowmobile lifestyle.

The snowmobile manufacturers of ISMA are offering to support Snowmobile Day in North America with a $200 donation to snowmobile clubs or associations that plan a Snowmobile Day celebration. Clubs that want to be considered for this offer can follow the link and fill out an application.

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