BearTek shows Bluetooth glove at AIMExpo

BearTek Gloves launched its new motorcycle and snow gloves with built-in GoPro camera and Bluetooth controls at AIMExpo in mid-October.

The gloves give riders instant connectivity in the gloves’ fingertips to control their phone, music and other devices, such as GoPro cameras, without physically touching the units while riding. BearTek Gloves work by tapping the thumb to various finger touchpads embedded along the sides of the fingers.

“BearTek gloves will be the must-have gift for sports enthusiasts this holiday season. Not only are they a great present for someone who loves the latest in technology gear, but they will provide critical control for those who wear them,” said Willie Blount, founder and CEO of BearTek parent Blue Infusion Technologies. “They are a practical problem-solving gift while also appealing to those who are gadget lovers and technology fanatics. With the introduction of the GoPro camera control, BearTek will relieve the three most said words on the mountain ‘is it on?’”

The snow glove retails for $100, while the motorcycle glove is $130. The interchangeable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sync modules come with a $100 MSRP each. The gloves are black with silver trim accents, and they come in sizes small through XXL.


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