UTV searches grow by 116%

Side-by-side hits increase sharply on KBB.com

Expanding interest in the side-by-side market is shown from the latest data provided exclusively to Powersports Business from Kelley Blue Book.

Searches for side-by-sides on KBB.com have grown by 116 percent through May, compared to the same period in 2012. Compared to the first five months of 2011, the growth in 2013 is 133 percent.

Polaris dominated the side-by-side search activity on KBB.com with 59 percent more views than its nearest competitor, Yamaha, with Kawasaki third.

“Among KBB.com’s top 10 most researched manufacturers, only one showed no increase in hits from 2012 to 2013. Kubota and Massimo, both published on KBB.com as of May 2012, appeared on the list of top 10 manufacturers in positions eight and 10, respectively. Another new manufacturer, Odes, also received a lot of attention, missing the top 10 most researched UTV manufacturers list by only a few hits,” said Lisa Pelissier, senior powersports analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

Following typical trends of rising interest in used values for UTVs peaking in early spring, interest during the month of May was down, with UTVs receiving 15 percent less hits than in April.

The KBB.com top 10 most researched individual models list, shown on page 27, is again replete with Yamaha and Polaris vehicles, as nine of the top 10 appeared there in Q1 2013. Only the two 2010 model-year vehicles received more hits for May 2013 than they received in April 2013, suggesting that the 2010 model-year vehicles are becoming more visible in the used market, Pelissier said.

*Kelley Blue Book did not publish data for Kubota and Massimo until May 2012. (Source: Kelley Blue Book)
*Kelley Blue Book did not publish data for Kubota and Massimo until May 2012. (Source: Kelley Blue Book)



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