Zero Motorcycles 2012 top dealer is repeat winner

Zero Motorcycles named Hollywood Electrics as it top dealer for 2012. Hollywood Electrics, located in West Hollywood, Calif., has been working with Zero Motorcycles since the dealership opened its doors in August 2009. This is the second year in a row Hollywood Electrics has been named Top Dealer by Zero Motorcycles. Hollywood Electrics specializes in all-electric motorcycles and was Zero Motorcycles’ first dealer to join their nationwide dealership network in Southern California.

“Our passion and commitment to electric motorcycles is obvious to any person who walks through the front door,” said Harlan Flagg of Hollywood Electrics. “Zero Motorcycles exceeds all of our criteria by offering an outstanding, high quality product along with great customer support and a two-year, unlimited mile warranty, an exceptional guarantee for any motorcycle.”

Other notable top dealers include WOW Motorcycles in Marietta, Ga., and Grand Prix Motorsports in Littleton, Colo., who have also sold top volumes of Zero Motorcycles for the 2012 year.

Since 2009 Hollywood Electrics has worked with Zero Motorcycles and consumers to push the idea that the electric revolution is here to stay. Hollywood Electrics continues to exceed expectations in sales volume and has also kept customers interested with their innovative approach to electric motorcycles. Hollywood Electrics has been designing and creating custom Zero Motorcycles since the beginning, allowing customers to have a unique and individual motorcycle while still enjoying the benefits of owning an all-electric motorcycle.

“Hollywood Electrics is a well-respected motorcycle dealer in California and we are proud to name them our Top Dealer for 2012,” said Scot Harden, vice president of global marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “With our recent strides in electric motorcycle technology, we are looking forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with them for 2013.”

While Zero Motorcycles’ dealerships across the country operate independently, Zero works closely to support their dealerships with product support and sales promotions. Zero Motorcycles recognizes the efforts of their dealers to promote the benefits of riding all-electric motorcycles including the price of gas, affects on the environment and tax incentives.


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