Pennsylania dealers to offer Harley-Davidson leases

Classic Harley-Davidson of Reading, Pa., and Horsepower Harley-Davidson of Williamsport, Pa., are now providing the TestRide leasing program from Chrome Capital. The vehicle lease is designed exclusively for Harley-Davidsons. Lease terms are two or three years with no mileage restrictions and no further obligation.

When the TestRide period comes to an end, the customer can renew the lease, purchase the bike or simply return the bike to the dealer.

“Chrome is a very well-run organization. The Chrome Calculator prices a lease, instantly allowing our sales managers to close more deals. We offer a TestRide lease to everyone who walks in the door,” said Kevin Kodz, general manager of Classic Harley-Davidson.

“I like that Chrome’s TestRide program has not changed our sales process. We can offer leases as an alternative on both new and used Harleys, side by side with a traditional loan. Our customers really appreciate the lower cost to ride that the TestRide delivers,” said Kim Dugan, general manager of Horsepower Harley-Davidson.

Alan Friedlander, sales manager at Classic, reports getting approvals on 90 percent of his Chrome Capital submissions, with applications “ranging from Tier I to Tier none.”

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