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Wizards shining with powersports growth

By Dave McMahon

Shine products manufacturer carries complete line

Wizards Products got its start in the automobile industry as a shine products manufacturer, but the Minnesota-based company is beginning to make its mark in powersports also.

Wizards, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011, has watched its products thrive because “our niche products don’t contain the heavy silicone found in a lot of products out there,” according to Wizards president Amy Antonsen. “Last year was a record year for us.”

The powersports side has shown increasing growth, particularly over the past five years.

Wizards Products, which became a Tucker Rocky Distributing partner in 2011, has found the powersports segment to be a growth area.

“The industry has been fantastic for us,” Antonsen said. “On our 20th anniversary, I looked back and realized that we had developed an enormous following of powersports dealers. I thought we should take the products that are moving really fast in the motorcycle industry and create a specific motorcycle line for them, and then add in products like Bike Wash, Bluing Remover and Crystal Clear for windshields. We’ve developed specialty products around the motorcycle industry, and the response has been amazing.”

That response took on a new look during Sturgis in 2011, when executives from Tucker Rocky Distributing/Bikers Choice inquired about adding the brand to its roster of products. Combined, the two companies bring more than 100 years of experience to the industry.

“We started chatting and within two weeks, we were in,” Antonsen said. “It’s been great. Motorcycle was the biggest growth segment in 2011 for the company, and being with Tucker Rocky and Bikers Choice will help us a lot. The response since we’ve been with them has been fantastic.”

Antonsen said Wizards plans to attend 21 rallies and events in 2012, including on the automotive side. The company’s full line of metal polishes, bike washes and detail products will be on display at each stop.

“We really see the demand when we do bike rallies and other events,” she said. “A guy says he’ll have a scratch on his bike, but a scratch can be a lot of different things. So we have him bring his bike over and we see if we can rub it out.”

Wizards’ Shine Master Polish & Breathable Sealant has its origins on the auto side in a 16-ounce bottle, but Antonsen opted for an 8-ounce package for motorcycles. The company’s Scratch Remover also received a smaller 12-ounce sizing option for motorcycles. One of the company’s best-selling products is its Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer, for use on windshields, paint and/or chrome.

Dealer programs start at a minimum purchase of three cases, which includes free shipping. The company’s four-tier POP displays are known for their sturdiness. Additionally, Antonsen said Wizards stays involved with a variety of charities, and provides its products to non-profits when permissible.

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