Total Management 1 workshop provides a roadmap to clarity and confidence for dealers

Have you figured out how to put stability and strong profitability back into your business in today’s environment? Is your business in a position where it could lose 20 to 30 percent of its sales volume and still be alright? Do you have a clear roadmap for your business for the next two to three years?

Whether you’re a single-store dealer or a multi-store dealer, profit planning, forecasting and benchmarks are critical to your success. John Spader of Spader Business Management has designed a workshop that targets the dealership’s most crucial segments for achieving sustained success. If you’re interested in securing more time for yourself and more money for your dealership, Spader’s Total Management 1 workshop provides an array of processes, systems and tools to get where you want to go.

The benchmarks and tools provided at the Spader Total Management 1 workshop for every segment of the business have proven successful over decades.

Beth Flambures, co-owner of G-Force Powersports in Colorado, says her single-store location has seen the impact Spader can make on a dealership’s bottom line.

“Spader is very numbers focused as a whole, not just on sales or expenses,” Flambures said. “They really look at the organization’s financial situation through the balance sheet and cash flow. They make sure you’re getting a total picture. They understand that good income statements don’t necessarily mean good balance sheets.”

Incorporating inventory planning systems that create higher turnover and lower risk, Spader’s direction has been proven effective for powersports dealers for more than 20 years. The Total Management 1 workshop, being held March 19 in Sioux Falls, S.D., will offer insight to all aspects of managing your business, from pay plans and inventory management, expense management and cash flow, to understanding your P&L statement, creating effective and accurate profit plans and identifying financial problem areas. Also, Spader’s workshop provides insight into how strong cash flow can mask other issues in your dealership, and how to best align profitability, sales growth and cash flow.

“We grew the business based on the benchmarks of Spader Business Management,” said Mike Martin, part owner of Riva Motorsports, a multi-store dealership in Florida. “Spader taught us to read the key parts of the financial operations of the dealership. We knew exactly where we stood during the recession, so we weren’t in panic mode. We felt like we had the road map.”

Alan Harvey of Kelowna, B.C., Honda Powerhouse in Canada, appreciates the dealership knowledge that Spader brings.

“They’re not the like the consultants who are just number junkies,” Harvey said. “Spader has done it themselves. And they’ve seen it done with thousands of other businesses like ours. I cannot tell you enough that they completely know what you’re up against. They know the industry and how small businesses run.”

Spader’s proprietary Business Plateaus model teaches dealers how to size and structure their business for profitability and productivity. Spader’s plateau maps for every segment of the dealership provide dealers with an understanding of the indicators that suggest when you should grow or shrink your business, in addition to how to do it.

“Different dealerships are at different plateaus, and they need different models,” Flambures said. “You assume that if you’re a larger dealer, you’re going to do better, and that’s just not always the case. Spader was able to give us a template to look at that made complete sense, and it became less subjective, which made it easier.”

Spader’s course teaches dealers in a logical, easy-to-understand manner, how to be more efficient, raise sales and gross profit dollars and/or reduce expenses within their plateau, as well as how to move between plateaus (in either direction). Toll-free telephone or email support makes implementation even easier once you’re back in the dealership. Using these proven models and Spader’s support services, dealerships become more profitable whether their sales volumes increase or not. Click here for real dealership case studies, or call 800.772.3377 for more information on how Spader can help you get where you’re going.


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