MIC offers tire guide to consumers

For the first time ever, the Motorcycle Industry Council is offering the motorcycling community an in-depth tire guide.

Developed in conjunction with leading motorcycle tire manufacturers, the 20-page street tire guide is designed to assist motorcyclists with tire selection, inspection, maintenance and more. Not only does the MIC Tire Guide help riders choose the correct tires for their particular motorcycle and riding style, it also provides information on proper inflation, the hazards of overloading a motorcycle and recognizing when it’s time to replace tires.

“At the MIC, we believe that motorcyclists should have a thorough understanding of how their tires work,” MIC president and CEO Tim Buche said, “including how they differ from car tires, and how the available traction can change from moment to moment. This sort of awareness can prompt riders to be more diligent in inspecting and maintaining their tires and also in replacing their tires at the right time. Overall, the MIC’s goal with this manual is to provide a guide that helps motorcyclists avoid premature tire wear, damage and ultimately, crashes.”

Individuals can download and print single copies of the MIC Tire Guide for free by visiting mic.org. Packs of 25 can be ordered for an introductory price of $19 plus tax and shipping.

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