Accessory sales nearly double in 2011

Dealership: Motorcycles of Manchester
Location: Manchester, N.H. and Foxboro, Mass.
Catching up on: Continuing to increase accessory sales by adding inventory and promoting the dealership at shows.

The sales of accessories at Motorcycles of Manchester in New Hampshire are on such an upswing that MOM’s management has responded by doing more than just adding to the inventory in the store.

When it’s time for MOM’s to have a presence at a powersports show, accessories are among the items on display.

“Generally, if it’s a motorcycle trade show, we’ll bring along a wide variety of helmets, gloves, jackets, etc.,” MOM’s store manager Brandee Wheeler said.

At the store, accessories sales at MOM’s have grown stronger during a time when many dealerships have noted reductions in that category.

“Parts and accessories sales are up,” Wheeler said. “Accessories have grown huge in the last year. We’re putting more out on the floor for people to look at. We try to cater our accessories for all makes and models. We carry a lot of black leather jackets and helmets, but we’ve gotten to where we’re doing anything and everything.”

With the success of accessories sales in 2011, customers at MOM’s can continue to expect new and exciting products.

“We’re adding to our inventory. The accessories sales are almost double from last year,” said Wheeler, whose New Hampshire dealership sells motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.

Although riders can find new Hyosung, KYMCO and Yamaha vehicles, Wheeler said the majority of MOM’s sales are in pre-owned units. That fit well with customer demand in 2011.

“Used overpowered new sales, for sure,” Wheeler said. “We’ve always been primarily used, but even the people at the local dealerships that are not primarily used have said it is going that way.”

A break created by mild late-fall weather in the New England states following one huge snowfall in October has boosted sales.

“It was definitely a good year,” Wheeler said in early December. “It started off really strong, then hit a lull in the middle.


“But, it’s pretty darn good right now for an offseason. It’s snowmobile season, but when there’s still motorcycles going out the door in December, that’s a good sign. It’s been 60 or 70 degrees. People who would normally have their motorcycles stored away by now are still coming in.”

When MOM’s needs to attract more customers, Wheeler said Facebook has become the preferred method.

“We definitely use it as a huge part of advertising for our events,” she said. “We try to use it to cut down costs. Obviously, free advertising is better.

“Any events we have, we’ll post, then we’ll put up pictures from the events. We want to make everyone feel like they are a part of it.”

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