Asterisk Cell continues to sell well

Knee brace provides
customizable protection

By Dave McMahon
Senior Editor

The competition has been heating up in recent years in the knee brace market, but Asterisk’s Cell brace continues to hold steady.

“We feel that we own most of the market,” Wayne Chumbley, a tech support staffer for California-based Asterisk, said during the Western Power Sports National Sales Meeting in Boise, Idaho. “The Cell has been on the market roughly 10 years. The brace is entirely customizable for your leg shape, so it’s a lot more versatile than others. We feel the protection is better as a result.”

From off-road to ATV to motocross to snowmobile, powersports dealers will continue to see protective gear products in vendor catalogs.

“The protective category is growing for the dealer, there’s no doubt,” Chumbley said. “Dealers are definitely embracing the protection side of it. The reality is if you have a consumer that is safe and not injured, then you have a consumer to buy the product. As soon as someone crashes themselves out, typically what happens is they sell all their stuff and you lose a customer. So dealers should be invested in keeping their customers safe. They grow the sport that way.”

Asterisk, which is in its second year of distribution by WPS, continues to support the industry with its medical services rig at supercross and Outdoor National events.

“Anytime someone gets hurt, you see our guys out there taking care of them,” Chumbley said. “It’s basically a mobile hospital, so the guys can be cared for at the race.”

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