LeoVince offers sale for new, current dealers

LeoVince USA has announced it is offering special discounts to new and current FORZA dealers through July 15 as part of its LeoVince 4ZA July Sale.

The first 50 new dealers through July 15 will receive an additional exhaust system of their choice at a 50 percent discount, plus 90-day open terms on their initial orders if credit approved. Each will also receive four display exhaust systems at 50 percent off, along with the standard benefits of FORZA.

The first 100 current FORZA dealers are offered an additional display exhaust at 50 percent off to enhance their FORZA displays or as a reward to an employee or customer. They will also receive a 2 percent discount and free shipping on orders placed through the online dealer center through July 15 if the dealers’ product specialists are contacted for the discount code.

The standard FORZA program offers dealers exclusive pricing discounts, 50 percent off display exhausts, a POP program, drop ship options, free freight programs and 24-hour access to ordering and monitoring of their accounts. Dealers can learn more at www.forzadealers.com or by calling 510/232-4040.

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