Tucker Rocky announces new ties to American Chopper

DALLAS — Tucker Rocky Distributing has started a relationship with a former key player of Orange County Choppers and the popular TV series “American Chopper.”

Paul Teutul, Jr. appeared Saturday at Tucker Rocky’s Dealer Show and announced Tucker Rocky’s V-twin brand, Biker’s Choice, will be playing a part in Teutul’s first motorcycle build for the continuing American Chopper TV series.

Teutul, Jr. is no longer working with his father or Orange County Choppers and has started his own company, Paul Jr. Designs.

Teutul, in a press conference at the Tucker Rocky dealer show, said he hopes to work with Biker’s Choice in the future to build parts and accessories for the distributor. More immediately, his first bike for the TV series will feature parts and accessories from Biker’s Choice.

The bike will be unveiled at Sturgis in August.

“This is an exciting new adventure for Biker’s Choice and we are proud to have Paul Jr. and his team join the Biker’s Choice crew,” Johnson said.

Paul Jr. Designs and American Chopper will begin airing Aug. 12 on TLC.

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