Neck brace OEM introduces new branding

Leatt, manufacturer of the Leatt-Brace, debuted new logo and slogan, “Engineered for Performance,” to further establish the company’s dedication to safety, reported the company in a press release.

“The new logo is another significant step in our progress as a company,” Dr. Chris Leatt, founder and CEO of Leatt, said in the release. “We are excited about our future and are always looking at new and innovative ways to embrace the competitive riders and other customers who use our products. It is a totally new logo, but with the same brand dedication, quality and performance that has gained notoriety. Leatt always strives for optimum performance engineering."

Formed from three letter L’s, the new logo is crafted together to form a triangle, symbolizing the actual Leatt-Brace. The new brand identity will be applied in the 2010 product collection.

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