Shock Doctor partners with Ski-Doo/BOSS Racing

Shock Doctor is the official protective gear and bag sponsor of the racing team with Ski-Doo/BOSS Racing. Shock Doctor is also participating in BOSS Racing’s 2008-2009 International Series of Champions race series giveaway promotion, stated Shock Doctor.

The company is more than looking forward to working with Ski-Doo/BOSS Racing, says Bill Best, vice president of product development of Shock Doctor. “Shock Doctor, like the BOSS Racing team, has set the stage within their industry by competing at the toughest level of competition and succeeding as the front runner,” he said. “We are proud to supply our innovative Power Dry System to these fearless athletes, who represent what we are all about. As Shock Doctor moves into this arena, our focus is to provide both professional and recreational competitors with superior protective gear.”

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