LoJack negotiates insurance discounts

LoJack Corporation, a motorcycle recovery system provider, has established relationships with multiple insurance companies in the United States to offer policy discounts and/or waivers of deductibles for motorcycle owners who purchase LoJack For Motorcycles, the company said in a statement March 3. The company has secured new relationships with GEICO and Progressive and has expanded its agreements with Foremost Insurance Group and Rider Insurance.

GEICO will offer policyholders in New Jersey and Rhode Island 20 percent off their comprehensive coverage immediately, and plans to offer this discount to policyholders in other states in the near future.

Progressive will also offer policyholders with LoJack For Motorcycles 20 percent off their comprehensive coverage. The discount, now available in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia, will be offered in most states where LoJack For Motorcycles is available by the end of the year.

Under LoJack’s expanded agreements, Rider Insurance will now offer policyholders a 50 percent reduction on their comprehensive deductible if they have LoJack For Motorcycles, a theft occurs and the bike is not recovered.

With LoJack’s enhanced program with Foremost, the specialty insurer of Farmers Insurance, the insurance company will provide policyholders a deductible waiver of up to $500 if they have LoJack For Motorcycles installed and a theft occurs.

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