Japan Boosts Cycle Production in November

Japan produced 196,180 two-wheelers during November 2004, up 51,247 units or 35.4% compared to the 144,933 units produced in November 2003, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
Yamaha produced 85,413 units during November, Honda produced 44,715, Suzuki produced 41,769, Kawasaki produced 24,251, and a collection of others produced just 32 units.
The Japanese manufacturers exported 147,646 units during November 2004, up 22,506 units or 18.0% compared to 125,140 units exported during November 2003. The total value of motorcycles exported during the month was $592.14 million, including $486.27 million for vehicles and $105.87 million for parts.
JAMA said Yamaha exported 73,072 units during November, Suzuki exported 29,809, Honda exported 26,852, and Kawasaki exported 17,913. A total of 51,264 units were shipped to the United States while 4,134 units were sent to Canada.

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