Vespa, Coach launch promotion

Continuing a tradition of tie-ins with well-received brand names, Vespa has joined with specialty designer Coach to create motorscooters to assist in the launch of Coach Eyewear.

The Vespa/Coach collection includes units with seven unique designs, matching helmets and driving accessories. Designed by Reed Krakoff of Coach, the vehicles feature suede patchwork, crocodile seats and custom paint jobs.

“We always like to add something unexpected to our collections every season,” said Krakoff. “With the introduction of our eyewear line, we were looking for an activity where eyewear was essential — riding a Vespa you need a great pair of glasses to complete the look. The products and brands are complimentary.”

Individual Coach Vespas will be auctioned off to benefit various charities and will be displayed at Coach stores around the country throughout 2004. Otherwise, custom orders may be placed by calling 800/631-1101.

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