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Key Harley dealer metrics highlighted in survey

Nel PascaleHarley-Davidson is heading into its annual summer dealer show with some positives in the marketplace — improved used prices and better new unit inventory — and unfortunately some negatives — the number of dealers selling below MSRP.

That’s according to a survey of 40 Harley-Davidson dealers conducted by Wells Fargo Securities.

The survey, which skewed toward larger dealerships in major metro areas, found the following:

• Nearly 20 percent of dealers said they are selling new units below MSRP, a percentage that has remained consistent since the first quarter of this year;

• Only 3 percent of dealers are reporting heavy inventory, a significant improvement over a year ago when 38 percent had heavy inventories;

• The percentage of dealers seeing used prices for Harley models decrease is exceedingly small, at just 3 percent. That again is a huge improvement over a year ago when 75 percent noted declining preowned values;

• The best-selling family of Harley units remain the touring bikes (specifically trikes), with the Softail family as the No. 2.

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