What are your competitive advantages?

Brian EtterIn trying times like these, every day can seem like a firefight. It can be tough to stay focused on important tasks and stay motivated to make them happen.  Determining your businesses competitive advantages helps inspire movement and spotlight critical goals and objectives. Focus and capitalize on these advantages to drive performance.   

What makes you different and better than your competition? There is a reason your business is here today. Every business has advantages over their competition in areas like:

  • Brand recognition and loyalty
  • Retail location
  • Experienced staff
  • Service expertise
  • Product development
  • Race sponsorships and support
  • Product availability
  • Financial support and strength

Chances are your competition is identifying your strengths as well and are working hard to close the gap to take your market share. It is your company’s duty to focus on accelerating the advantages so that others cannot catch up. 

So what are your advantages and how can you make sure that they are not lost to competitors down the road?

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