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If you’re looking for preowned inventory, don’t be scared of auctions

March 3, 2011

I attended my first powersports auction less than two weeks ago in Indianapolis. Man, it was fast. Being a car fanatic, I have watched Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions on TV many times, but those go slow in comparison. During wholesale powersports auctions, units generally sell every 18-22 seconds,... Read more »

An important step in the trade-in discussion

January 18, 2011

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar. You’re working with a customer on a trade-in, determining what you’re willing to pay for their used unit and what they’re willing to sell it for. They say, “I want $4,000 because I see it listed at Craigslist and eBay for at least that price!” You say... Read more »

Has the improbable happened?

December 7, 2010

Could you imagine a day when the average Harley-Davidson franchise dealership is selling over the course of a year more used units than new units? If this was just a year or two ago, that scenario probably would seem pretty far-fetched. But today, it’s probably reality. Sources who have a keen handle... Read more »

Identifying the dealer’s biggest need

November 29, 2010

If there is such a thing as a single, gaping hole in dealer services, I’m betting I know the area of biggest need. It has to be flooring on used units. Powersports Business is in the midst of a dealer survey that is looking extensively at offseason used unit purchasing, and I’m betting that of the... Read more »

Identifying key preowned sales benchmarks

June 21, 2010

How is the retail picture in my showroom different from my region or the nation at-large? That common and incredibly important question is challenging enough to answer with regard to some new unit categories. (UTVs to name one!) But once you get into the preowned market, it’s even more challenging. However,... Read more »