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Thunder Press magazine changes name to American Rider

Thunder Press has a 30-year history covering the American V-Twin community. In a strategic move, its May issue will be titled American Rider, joining Rider and to form a cohesive group of publications, along with Powersports Business.

American Rider will continue its focus on the bikers, builders, events, and motorcycles that comprise the V-Twin scene, publishing feature stories, event coverage, and historical retrospectives about the people, products, and machines that make up the American motorcycle industry.

Click the image above to go to and sign up for a print subscription today.

“It’s been inspirational and educational pulling together high-quality, high-impact stories about American bikes and their riders and builders over my tenure during the past 12 months,” Editor-in-Chief Kevin Duke reports. “I’ve enjoyed attending cool events and seeing how bike building is evolving, and I love sharing historical stories about the movers and the shakers of the industry that have brought us to the point we’re at today.”

American Rider and Rider remain among the few national motorcycle publications still producing full-color glossy editions 12 months of the year. They’re available in print or digital versions, and the page count will grow by 16 beginning with the June issue. Additionally, it has launched a redesigned website hosted at

“It’s an interesting time in publishing and also in the V-Twin world these days,” Duke continues. “Harley-Davidson and Indian are battling on racetracks and on showroom floors, and the launch of Harley’s Revolution Max engine platform is bringing new heat to the game. It’s an exciting new era in the world of American V-Twins, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!”

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