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Tag Metals relaunches with new products

After a year of development, Tag Metals has completely redesigned its product line.  

The all-new revamped Tag Metals product line will include a complete range of new high-performance race replica handlebars that will come in three models, seven bends and three different grips. Additionally, they have come out with countershaft and rear sprockets, race chains, aluminum throttle tubes and several new accessories to start. Several additional new products are planned for release this fall.

The Valencia, California-based Tag Metals also announced as part of the relaunch that it is now part of the Group 6 USA family of brands that include Matrix Concepts, Atlas Braces USA. 

Tag Metals is available to dealers at “KEYSTONE MARGINS with FREE POP SUPPORT” in the USA exclusively through Group 6 USA, LLC. Call us at (661) 253-1592 or email us at

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