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Harley-Davidson attends sustainability conference

Harley-Davidson president and COO Matt Levatich recently attended the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s annual conference, rolling in on Harley’s Project Livewire electric motorcycle.

Though Levatich said the bike is unlikely to be produced any time soon because it would sell for 50 percent more than consumers would want to pay for it, the OEM still wants to be a part of the sustainability conversation, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Levatich said H-D felt it needed to design an electric bike to become a strong voice in the electric-vehicle battery discussion.

HD Livewire-WP

Harley has also worked to be as sustainable as possible with its combustion engine bikes, relying on lighter-weight materials to reduce the amount of ore needing to be mined to create the bikes and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from the bikes.

To read more about Harley-Davidson’s appearance at the sustainability conference from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, click here.

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