California Scooter Company adds 250cc bike

California Scooter Company (CSC) Motorcycles has announced it has introduced a 250cc motorcycle to its existing line of 150cc bikes.

The new P-51 is powered by a 250cc, counterbalanced, single overhead cam, carbureted engine that offers significantly more power and a smoother ride than the 150cc models.

We’re quite pleased that we can now offer our customers a high performance version of the CSC motorcycle,” CSC president and CEO Steve Seidner said.  “Our customers asked for a larger engine and this bike directly answers that need. Our P-51 is a high performance motorcycle and the riding experience is like no other. We’re very pleased with this new engine. California Scooter Company created a new market niche with our resurrection of the Mustang motorcycle style, and the P-51 is in keeping with the best traditions of Walt Fulton and the original Mustang’s racing heritage at Rosamond Dry Lake, the Catalina Grand Prix, and other historic racing venues.”

The P-51 gets its styling cues from Mustang Motorcycles manufactured from 1947-63. It’s available in the same colors and styles as the current line of Classic, Babydoll, Greaser and Military Series bikes. The P-51 is designed and built in La Verne, Calif., like the 150 models, and it’s available now.

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  1. I’d love to have the new P-51. I have a 71 shovel, stock, for 35 years, but it all started with tote goats and mini bikes. Always wanted a mustang! How do i get one? Glen: Malibu, Ca. 90265

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