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Powersports Business Online Learning Series

The 2021 Powersports Business Online Learning Series are webinars designed to learn from your peers on #WebinarWednesday. Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon welcomes a range of guests each quarter.

2021 Online Learning Series


National Powersport Auctions

The Powersports Business Online Learning Series, sponsored by McGraw Powersports, National Powersport Auctions (NPA) and CFMOTO, picks up where it left off in November, providing dealers and industry members with a chance to gain insight and intelligence in a virtual setting. If you need a little community building among your industry peers, we invite you to join us. Register today!

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Past Online Learning Series

December 15, 2021

Join us for an early look at Q4 retail performance
You’re invited to join Powersports Business editor-in-chief Dave McMahon on Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 2:00 p.m. Central as we take a deep dive into the early returns of the Q4 Powersports Business/BMO Capital Markets Dealer Survey in the finale of the 2021 Powersports Business Online Learning Series.

Wondering what business has been like from October through December for dealers who sell new and/or pre-owned units? What about parts sales? F&I? We’ll unveil service department trends also from the recently launched survey during the free, live webinar. While the survey remains active, we’ll share results from the dealers who have already completed the survey.

As always, register now. Join us and hop on the live chat to greet your industry friends and colleagues. Can’t make it? Register now anyway and you’ll get a recording of the video to view at your leisure.

The 2021 Powersports Business Online Learning Series is proudly sponsored by McGraw Powersports, National Powersport Auctions (NPA) and CFMOTO.

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December 9 , 2021

Q3 2021 Dealer Survey Results Webinar
Join Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon at 2:00 p.m. Central on Thursday, Dec. 9 as we break down the Q3 2021 Powersports Business/BMO Capital Markets Dealer Survey in the latest live webinar in the 2021 Online Learning Series. Dealers from 37 states and four Canadian provinces participated in the online survey, and we hope to reach that many states in attendance for the live webinar.

With the most recently completed quarter in the books, we’ll look at a host of national average metrics, from top dealership OEM market share leaders among the survey takers to product segments offered at dealerships to business conditions in all five profit centers and more.

As always, attending dealers can participate in the webinar live polls that will provide insight into how retail trends are fairing among dealers who attend the live webinars. Complete poll results are provided to all participants following the webinar.

The 2021 Powersports Business Online Learning Series is sponsored by National Powersport Auctions (NPA), McGraw Powersports and CFMOTO.

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December 1 , 2021

The 2021 Market Data Book Dealer Survey Live!
Join Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon for the latest live webinar in the Powersports Business Online Learning Series.

We’ll reveal some of the key results of the 2021 Powersports Business Market Data Book Dealer Survey. Reflecting on the 2020 dealership performance at retail, the survey also provides a look at expectations for 2021, electric vehicle insights from dealers, dealer satisfaction results and much more. We will also survey dealers live on a variety of topics to see how their 2021 performance is shaping up.

Hop on the webinar and join your dealer pals and industry colleagues in the live chat.

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September 1, 2021

Preserving Your Customers’ Purchases for the Long Haul: A Guide to F&I Success
The latest live webinar in the 2021 Powersports Business Online Learning Series will feature guest Jason Duncan, national sales manager of McGraw Powersports, alongside Powersports Business editor Dave McMahon. Gather your F&I crew to learn more about how your dealership can ensure that your customers are making the most of their investment with maintenance packages, service contracts and more.

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August 25, 2021

The Digital Landscape — Redefining Omni-Channel Retailing
Blended Retail and Omni-Channel are all the rage in retail right now. About 95% of people start their journey online, yet the transition to the brick and mortar store is clunky at best. From texting responsiveness to two-way video walk-arounds, Sam will explore the best practices as well as the gaping holes of opportunity for dealers in this new retail landscape. When the customer’s digital journey experience seamlessly integrates into the physical store experience, everyone wins.
Sam Dantzler is President of Garage Composites, which features 20-Clubs for the Powersports, Marine and Bicycle industries. Within each industry, Garage Composites offers private and OEM sponsored 20-Clubs that provide intensive and accountability-based environments.

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August 11, 2021

What is your leadership strategy to maximize your profit centers?
If you are truly interested in maximizing your profit centers and gaining a competitive advantage, start by building a Badass Team. When teamwork suffers it can be crippling to performance potential. You’d think every single leader would be prioritizing how to improve teamwork. What’s most worrisome is when teams are successful in spite of the absence of teamwork. Imagine what could be possible if they truly behaved like musketeers? In this interactive session we will discuss the key ingredients required to build a badass team, department, business or dealership and even how to be a badass teammate. Michelle will share her lessons learned to get you headed in the right direction toward cultivating your Badass Team and Culture. 

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May 19, 2021

Five Elements of Successful Dealerships
Join longtime industry trainer Steve Jones as he hosts a conversation with attendee on the “Five Elements of Successful Dealerships.”

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May 12, 2021

Everything Your Dealership Needs to Know About Pre-Owned Inventory for 2021 and Beyond
Join Powersports Business Editor Dave McMahon and Tony Altieri, Vice President of Business Development at National Powersport Auctions (NPA) to learn about what’s what in the area of pre-owned inventory.

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May 5, 2021

New Strategies to Drive Trade-ins & Win Repeat Business
Inventory is tight so dealers are focusing on driving the trade-in experience and promoting their parts and service departments. Learn about new digital strategies that drive trade-ins, get more qualified leads, engage consumers, and build customer loyalty.

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February 17, 2021

Sara Hey, Dealership Consultant
Sara Hey is vice president of Business Development at Bob Clements International. As a dealership consultant and trainer, she works with dealers nationwide to enhance their profitability across all departments. She’ll be providing ways to increase your parts department profitability in 2021.

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February 10, 2021

Todd Romano, Co-Founder and COO, Speed UTV
Todd Romano is well-entrenched in the side-by-side market as COO and co-founder with Robby Gordon of Speed UTV, the newest side-by-side manufacturer to hit the scene. Todd also founded DragonFire Racing, an industry go-to source for aftermarket parts and accessories.

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February 3, 2021

Dale Rhoads and Justin Johnson, Dealership Owners
Dale Rhoads started his career in the industry back when RideNow Powersports had two locations. He has made his mark in the industy thanks to the tutelage of the late Ed Lemco’s training sessions, and today owns six Harley-Davidson dealerships.
Justin Johnson, owner of two Harley-Davidson dealership in partnership with Rhoads, met his future business partner years ago at Lemco training sessions. After serving as general manager of a range of Harley-Davidson dealerships and COO of Windy City Motorcycle Company, Johnson is now operating partner alongside Rhoads at Wild Prairie and St. Paul Harley-Davidson in Minnesota.

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November 18, 2020

George Chaconas – An Inside Look at the State of the Dealership Buy/Sell Market

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November 11, 2020

Former auto industry executive, Fran O’Hagan founded Pied Piper Management Company in 2003. His company helps brands and manufacturers improve the performance of their retail networks, with the goal of higher retail sales, higher market share, higher profitability and higher customer loyalty. In addition to supporting the powersports industry, Pied Piper also specializes in the automotive, outdoor power equipment, heavy truck and RV industries.

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