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Engage more buyers with online videos

As today’s buyer expects immediate and complete information up front, online videos are becoming another arrow in the salesman’s quiver. Contrary to popular opinion, shooting video is neither complicated nor time-consuming. Today’s digital cameras allow you to quickly and easily make videos of the products and services you sell.

The main advantage of videos is that they add depth and movement when compared to pictures, which still remain necessary. With videos, you can elaborate on the benefits of specific features. For example, if a bike features unique ergonomics, review how it makes riding comfortable for the rider and passenger. While someone is on the bike, show the various relaxed riding positions it offers. That just can’t be done with a still shot.

Developing a process 

Start with assigning someone to manage this effort and determine how often that person will shoot videos, then create a rotating schedule among your salespeople to keep it manageable. Give priority to new units, so you can introduce them as soon as possible, and aged units that you’re looking to move pronto. Create a list that is organized from oldest to newest units in inventory and set your planning accordingly. As new units arrive, you can change the schedule to fit them in right away.

What to shoot?

When it comes to content, combine a general walk-around to show the condition of the bike, with shorter clips of unique features. Be sure to shoot close-ups of the bodywork, engine, controls, exhaust and tires. If the bike has an impressive exhaust note, include a clip of it running and revving to entice potential customers. Be sure to mention performance testing results, if available. As long as you’re an expert in the unit, and you address the camera as if you were speaking with a customer, the video will be compelling.

How long should the video be? 

Feature five-minute videos or several shorter clips that viewers can choose from and include a wrap-up section where salespeople state their name and contact information, which should also appear as a scrolling caption. This technique has proven very effective for many dealerships, as prospects who have watched an online video often walk in their store asking for the salesperson who presented the bike for example. Videos sometimes have the added benefit of creating a bond between the prospect and the salesperson before they meet in person.

The Web is a visual medium, so high-quality photos and videos play a critical role in merchandising your inventory and differentiating your dealership from the competition to drive incremental sales. A proven website solution should make it easy and quick for you to embed videos in a few clicks. Without videos, potential buyers might bypass your listing, especially on classifieds websites where the nearest competing model is less than a quarter-inch away.

If a picture says 1,000 words, then multiple pictures and videos tell a powerful story. Show off your toys, and sell the dream of ownership through great videos to engage more buyers.

Bob McCann is Director of Education at ARI, a leading provider of technology-enabled business solutions for dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the powersports, marine, RV and outdoor power equipment industries. Products and services include eCommerce-enabled websites, lead generation, lead management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and eCatalogs (parts, garments and accessories).


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