MV Agusta, Pirelli release limited edition model

Pirelli and MV Agusta announce that they have reached a new partnership agreement based on which Pirelli has been officially selected as sole tire supplier for all the motorcycles manufactured by the company from Schiranna. This means that all the models currently in production, as well as those that MV Agusta will sell in the future, will mount Pirelli tires as standard equipment.
The increasingly close collaboration between the two companies merits celebration. And so, a limited production edition of a highly successful model was born — the Brutale 800 RR — customized by the Castiglioni Research Center in collaboration with Pirelli Design, the Bicocca laboratory specialized in conceiving design projects with partners par excellence.
The result of this synergy is the “Brutale 800 RR Pirelli”, as this version of the naked from Varese is called, with truly exclusive equipment and components, manufactured in a very limited production run.

The technical base is made up of the Brutale 800 RR, the sport naked that sets the bar in the segment, thanks primarily to the performance of the compact, three-cylinder, in-line engine. The chassis architecture, built around the original, mixed-structure frame made up of a steel tube trellis and aluminium alloy lateral plates, is also essential to achieving the right riding feel and the dynamic exuberance that the Brutale 800 RR has provided since it was first launched.
The customization of this model in a limited edition focused mainly on the components and color schemes. For example, the saddle was custom created for the Brutale 800 RR Pirelliand it stands out with its stitching that is colored to match each of the two available color schemes. The headlight unit bracket is painted black, as is the rear subframe. The airbox output grilles are also painted and the wheel rims also boast new features: to reduce weight and increase handling, the engineers decided to mount components derived from the F4, which are characterized by their racing design, very essential and elegant. The rear rim also has a wider channel, now 6 inches, to hold the new tire size, which is specific for this version of the Brutale 800 RR.

Compared to the standard model that comes standard with DIABLO ROSSO III tires, the Brutale 800 RR Pirelli mounts DIABLO SUPERCORSA SP tires in the 120/70 ZR17 front size and 200/55 ZR17 on the 6-inch rear rim made specifically for this model. A rather spectacular option that can be chosen when you order your Brutale 800 RR Pirelli is the limited edition tire with colored walls.

The color schemes conceived by specialists from the Castiglioni Research Center and Pirelli Design are intended to enhance the lines of the Brutale 800 RR and to highlight the exclusive partnership with Pirelli. The first proposal has a matte black base with glossy red painted inserts. The Pirelli logo is also done in red on the sides of the fuel tank. The DIABLO logo also appears to identify the range of high performance Pirelli tires and it’s placed on the fuel tank near the cap and the tank guard itself. The second color scheme is on a grey base with Blue inserts. The (optional) colored tires will respectively have a red or blue band, depending on which color version they are mounted on.

The Brutale 800 RR Pirelli is the first MV Agusta model customized by Pirelli that will go into production and be sold in a limited edition, thanks to a separate license agreement between Pirelli and MV Agusta.


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