Texas considers lane-splitting bills

Two Texas lawmakers have proposed two separate bills that would make lane-splitting legal in the state.

Both the bill from Rep. Sergio Muñoz Jr., D-Palmview, and the one by Sen. Kirk Watson, D- Austin, would allow lane splitting when traffic is moving at 20 mph or less, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Muñoz’s bill would allow lane splitting on any road as long as a helmet is worn by the rider, while Watson’s would restrict the lane splitting to controlled access highways only but wouldn’t require a helmet to be worn. Both bills have gone to their respective chamber’s transportation committee.

The American Motorcyclist Association said in a Feb. 13 press release that it supports Texas’ lane-splitting bills, though it objects to the helmet requirement in Muñoz’s bill.

“The AMA endorses rider responsibility and actions that make roadways safer for motorcyclists,” said Wayne Allard, AMA vice president of government relations. “Research and evidence suggest that lane splitting may reduce a motorcyclist’s risk exposure, which is why the AMA offers conditional support to Texas H.B. 813 and S.B. 442, legislations that would allow lane splitting with the stated restrictions.”

The AMA has also voiced support for lane-splitting bills in Tennessee, Oregon and Washington.

To read more about the Texas bills from the Houston Chronicle, click here.

To read more about the AMA’s stance on lane splitting, click here.

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