SHOEI partners with company on new face shield for RF-1200

Bringing together two world-class brands, Transitions Optical Inc., and SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp. have partnered to offer an adaptive face shield that seamlessly adjusts to outdoor light and weather conditions – changing from clear to very dark and everything in-between. The SHOEI Transitions CWR-1 adaptive face shield will fit SHOEI’s #1 selling full-face helmet, the RF-1200.

“Our retail customers as well as our dealer-distribution network have been asking us for a top-of-the-line adaptive shield for years,” said Moichi Tsuzuki, SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp, president. “We are excited for the added value the Transitions shield will bring to our customers and for the enhanced visual experience they will now have while riding. Being able to see perfectly in all lighting conditions is optimal for both safety and for a more fun, enjoyable ride.”


“Transitions adaptive technology offers a valuable benefit to riders and we’re proud to partner with SHOEI on the new CWR-1 Transitions shield,” said Larissa Bryan, director, sunwear, Transitions Optical. “SHOEI’s helmet quality and rigorous product testing have made them a premium helmet brand.”

The shields, developed using Transitions’ state-of-the-art photochromic technology, automatically self-adjust from clear at night and in low light conditions to dark gray in bright sunlight. They eliminate the need for motorcycle riders to carry and switch out multiple shields. The shields also protect against wind and debris, and like all Transitions technology, block 100% of harmful UV rays.

“Motorcycle riders know better than anyone how outdoor light changes throughout the day,” added Bryan. “The SHOEI Transitions adaptive shield filters bright glare from the sun so they can continue riding without interruption and with more comfortable vision at all times.”

RF-1200 Cruise_TC-1

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