Japanese motorcycle production up slightly in April

Production of motorcycles by Japan’s Big Four increased 1.3 percent year-over-year in April, according to the Japanese Automobile Manufacturer’s Association.

A total of 40,713 motorcycles were produced in Japan in April. Suzuki was the only OEM to report a decrease, down 26.1 percent to 10,880 motorcycles. Kawasaki’s production was up 57.5 percent to 7,055 units. Yamaha increased production 13.8 percent to 12,899 motorcycles, and Honda’s production grew 4.1 percent to 9,879 units. 

Production in three of the four classes of bikes increased, with 51-125cc motorcycles seeing the largest hike, up 43.9 percent to 2,852 units. The 50cc or under group grew 9.2 percent to 5,409 units, and the over 250cc class increased 2.0 percent to 26,296 motorcycles. The 126-250cc group decreased production 17.6 percent to 6,156 bikes.

Exports for the Big Four increased 8.7 percent to 37,006 bikes. Total value of motorcycles exported in April was $317 million, including $234 million for vehicles and $82 million for parts. The value of exported bikes decreased 6.7 percent from April 2013.

Just as it decreased production, Suzuki also reported a drop in exports, down 31.4 percent to 7,059 units. Kawasaki’s exports grew 78.2 percent to 5,911 bikes. Yamaha’s exports were up 19.1 percent to 15,587 motorcycles, and Honda’s exports increased 14.8 percent to 8,449 units.

Exports to North America dropped 1.2 percent to 13,395 units, while exports to the U.S. specifically were down 0.8 percent to 12,001 units.

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