Sparta Commercial Services partners with Allstate insurance

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Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. announced a reciprocal marketing agreement with Allstate Insurance Company. As part of the agreement, Sparta’s Cyclechex online motorcycle history reports will be available to Allstate customers and non-customers who are considering the purchase of a pre-owned motorcycle or are selling a motorcycle and wish to provide assurance to potential buyers. Allstate will also have the option to offer its insurance products to Cyclechex customers.

Under the agreement, Allstate will provide a prominent placement and recommendation for Cyclechex on the Allstate Rider News page (  Conversely, Sparta will establish a signature presence for Allstate insurance products on the Cyclechex website (

A Cyclechex report can be purchased by clicking on the Cyclechex link on the Allstate Rider News website, entering the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and, for a reduced fee, retrieve the available historical title information immediately, regardless of the vehicle’s country of origin. Cyclechex reports allow users to instantly see a motorcycle history report, which may include VIN decoding, disclosed damage, salvaged or stolen titles. The reports gather their data from multiple sources, including, but not limited to, governmental agencies, in order to provide the most current information available.

“This relationship will help in our effort to provide the best possible customer experience to existing and potential customers from their initial purchase to the sale of their motorcycle,” said Jeff Sadler, Allstate powersports line manager.  “Assuring customers’ buying decisions will provide peace of mind, just like our motorcycle policy does as they enjoy the ride.”

Cyclechex, a leading online source for title history information about previously owned motorcycles, provides data about a particular motorcycle’s title history, including reported damage, last reported odometer reading, salvaged or rebuilt title, reported theft, recall history, and more.

Cyclechex history reports have been purchased by consumers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 47 foreign countries. Cyclechex sales have grown steadily year after year since the product was introduced in 2010.

“This relationship with Allstate Insurance represents another important milestone for our Cyclechex product, and a particularly significant one,” said Anthony Havens, Sparta’s CEO. ”To be aligned with such a powerful brand as Allstate is something we are especially proud of. We’re confident that the cross-marketing activities will prove to be highly beneficial to both companies.”

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