Advanced Wheel Builder added to Dubyausa.com

Dubya has announced the launch of the advanced version of its popular custom wheel builder tool. The updated version allows customers to better visualize how their custom Dubya wheels will look by offering views of both the front and rear wheels, as well as a profile view of the wheels mounted on a bike.

Dubya’s Advanced Wheel Builder tool gives customers the opportunity to check out any combination of hub, spoke, nipple, rim or sprocket both on and off a bike.

Customers can create their designs by choosing from Dubya’s catalog of components from brands like Talon, Kite, D.I.D and Excel using an easy-to-navigate menu.

In addition to their custom wheel sets, Dubya also offers a variety of pre-assembled wheel sets in a variety of color combinations.

Dubya products are distributed by Tucker Rocky, WPS and MTA.


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