Star Tron treatment enhances fuel

Enzyme-based product
combats ethanol fuel issues

By Dave McMahon
Senior Editor

Get the rider to think fuel management.

It’s a process that works well for Star brite and its newest Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment for ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

The product’s enzyme formula is made to overcome E-10 fuel problems. Along the way, Star Tron improves engine performance and reduces emissions, all while improving fuel economy.

Star Tron cleans the fuel delivery system, from tank to injectors to combustion chambers, and removes carbon deposits while preventing future carbon deposits. It stabilizes new gasoline and rejuvenates stale, old gasoline.

It’s also a product that can provide a boost to the service department in the eyes of the consumer.

“Service guys are now adding fuel as they service the unit, and adding Star Tron to it so that the fuel stays fresh,” Star Tron vice president of sales Marc Emmi said. “Now he’s treated the fuel and eliminated a potential problem of the vehicle not starting if the rider lets it sit for two or three weeks.”

It’s a profit center for the dealership, too, as the service worker then gives the rest of the contents of the purchased bottle to the customer and requests that Star Tron be used with each future fueling.

“It’s the fuel management process, and it’s an easy sell,” Emmi said.

From gum to water that builds up in the fuel, Star Tron works as a combatant.

“The ethanol molecule is sitting there and the gas molecule is sitting there in a loose suspension,” Remmi said. “Over time, it’s a tug of war and it separates. Think of our product going in there like an angry bird, and breaks it apart and breaks it down via a process called deionization. Our product is working when the engine is running. So it doesn’t like any impurity in the fuel. Water, gums, varnishes — it doesn’t distinguish between any of them. It just keeps working at them and burns them right out of the system. It keeps the fuel in solution.”


Star Tron also enhances the burning process and can help improve emissions for testing purposes. “It’s going to be a cleaner burn as it breaks apart those molecules,” Emmi said.

Emmi says the real proof of the science behind the product comes from the voice of dealers and consumers.
A 96-unit POP display case for the 1-ounce containers is the newest product for dealers.

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